Smart Meeting || Decenta Builds SDM Modular PC with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors


Smart Meeting || Decenta Builds SDM Modular PC with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

With the development of communication technologies, video conferencing has become a daily necessity for office staff around the world. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced people's dependence on video conferencing, which has helped boost the telecommuting market and made video conferencing systems essential for offices.

The conference panel merges technology with fashion, personalizing the diverse office area.

Under such circumstances, business users' requirements for solutions are getting higher and higher, and the types of product applications are becoming more and more diverse to meet the need for collaboration and unlimited interactions anytime anywhere. Among them, the All-In-One conferencing whiteboard with integrated cameras and array microphones, ranging from 27 inches to 100+ in size, has become the mainstream form of hardware for a video conferencing terminal.

1Selection of Smart Modules

Since the Intel® Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) was developed in 2010, it has been widely used for large-format smart teaching and video conferencing whiteboards. In 2018, Intel® offers the Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) specification and reference design for smart commercial display screens suitable for small-format all-in-one designs. 

SDM is available in two form factors: Intel® SDM-Large (175mm*110mm) and SDM-Small (110mm*60mm), with a thickness of just under 20mm and no housing enclosure.

This enables new scalable all-in-one designs that benefit from cost-effective implementation and management based on integrated Intel® processor-based media players. Its design omits the housing enclosure so it can be fully integrated into visual IoT applications such as hospitality displays, bedside terminals and conferencing all-in-ones, etc. Intel® SDM provides the same level of intelligence and interoperability as OPS. It adopts a compact design and eliminates the housing enclosure, making the whole machine more malleable and suitable for more fashionable and slim integrated displays.

Decenta thoroughly studies the needs for all kinds of usage scenarios for smart meeting, heralding all-in-one solutions with Intels advanced technology engine by integrating the 11th Gen Intel® Coreprocessor in the latest SDM design. In terms of HD video encoding and decoding, with the newly integrated Intel® Iris® Xe graphics providing up to 20 PCIe4.0 lanes, the all new AV1 codec technology and other features, the 11th Gen Intel® Coreprocessors improve in graphics performance by up to 87% over the previous generation, support 8K resolution flawlessly, and improve HD picture processing and video editing speed by 59% and 49% respectively.

Design for Performance:

Rich interfaces on Motherboard



Full-function Type-Cx2

Supports TPM Encryption

Dual Channel Memory with up to 32G

Supports Multiple Storage Options: NVME & SATA3.0

2Application Prospects

With such market demands, Decenta relies on its strong R&D team, closely follows the pace of Intel® chip technology iteration, centralizes the integration of hardware and software, and aims to meet various new demands in video conference, and designs the full-stack intelligent terminal hardware required for video conference.

Size & Scenario

for Large MeetingOver 20 People

for Medium MeetingLess than 20 People

for Small MeetingLess than 6 People

Individual Office & Remote Teaching


The strategic product layout of "cloud + endpoint" and "software + hardware" is becoming the standard for transforming traditional meetings into smart meetings. Being thousands of miles apart will not keep us from inspiring each other. You can start a meeting with one click, screen sharing with support for all file types. Participants can quickly collaborate & interact, help enterprises quickly understand the development of customers with professional decision-making to gain a head start on competitions. 



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