2021 Intel Taishan Training Program Award Ceremony was successfully held in Decenta


2021 Intel Taishan Training Program Award Ceremony was successfully held in Decenta


In the morning of September 17, the 2021 Intel Taishan Training Program Award Ceremony was successfully held at Shenzhen Decenta Technology Co.,LTD. The honorary certificates were awarded to Zhang Xiaojie, Chen Jinguo, Xie Sheng, Lu Yue, Fang Wei, Xu Chuanhua, Ji Changcheng, Zhang Yue, Fang Lei, Zhao Can and others, and the trophies were awarded to DPDK Outstanding Student Lu Yue and MSDK Outstanding Student Fang Wei of Intel Taishan Training Program 2021.


Decenta is not only the highest-level Titanium Partner of Intel, Intel also takes Decenta as one of the TOP2 ODM vendors supported by Intel Chinas IoT Division, and tilts full resources of products, marketing and technical support. Therefore, in addition to the regular training held by Intel, for the demand and pain points of Decenta, Intel carries out tailor-made special technical training for Decenta's R&D team, which enables the company to improve its R&D competitiveness more rapidly and efficiently.

Summarize Phase One, Aim for Phase Two

In response to the feedback from Phase One, Intel will focus on following up four aspects in Phase Two training: Signal Simulation, M.E, Power, and Debug. The purpose is to let the R&D engineers master from theory to design, combine a comprehensive knowledge structure with practical ability. This can greatly improve the R & D ability and R & D quality of whole Decenta team, and it can also ensure that the time investment to reach a certain effect, all in efforts to build China's first-class ODM engineering team.

Xiong Yingsheng, general manager of Decenta, and all the staff members took this opportunity to express their heartfelt thanks to Intel and said that in addition to maintaining the leading edge in the education informatization and cloud video conferencing industry, they will introduce their products to the international market to enlarge their market share.



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