Smart Medical: With Remote Ultrasound Consultation, Decenta Helps Promote The Downstream of Quality Medical Resources


Smart Medical: With Remote Ultrasound Consultation, Decenta Helps Promote The Downstream of Quality Medical Resources

In 2021, the National Health Commission and 13 other ministries and commissions jointly issued the "on consolidating and expanding the achievements of health poverty alleviation and rural revitalization effective implementation of the views" to promote the development of "Internet + Medical Health". In the same year, ten departments jointly issued the Development Plan for the Medical Equipment Sector During the 14th Five-Year Plan Periodspecifying diagnostic testing equipment as the first of seven key development areas, requiring the development of a new generation of medical imaging equipment to promote intelligent, remote, miniaturized, fast, multi-modal integration and treatment integration development.

In the context of 5G smart medical, using information technology to integrate, downstream high-quality medical resources, and to enhance the service capacity of grassroots medical institutions has become a key task in the development of medical and health care. By the end of 2021, the total number of medical and health institutions nationwide has reached 1,031,000, including 37,000 hospitals and 977,000 grassroots medical and health institutions. In some grassroots care areas, patients with benign lesions cannot get accurate diagnosis and treatment advice due to limited level of expertise. Remote ultrasound consultation, as one of the most important clinical consultation means, can help promote the downstream of high-quality medical resources and solve the grassroots problem of difficult access to medical attention.

Smart Ultrasound + Remote Consultation—Image Diagnosis Guidance & Ultrasound Operation Guide

The ultrasound images and the operation process of the clinician's ultrasound from the grassroots hospital need to be transmitted to the consultation end in real-time and high-definition securely. The lead hospital, as the consultation party, needs to make a comprehensive evaluation of the ultrasound images and other examination results, and guide the grassroots doctors to operate through voice, video, labeling and other forms, so as to develop a more scientific treatment plan.

Ultrasound diagnosis is based on dynamic images of a time sequence, therefore, remote ultrasound consultation requires demanding transmission technology, especially in clarity, fluency, and real-time dynamic image transmission.

Decentas BOX19 is Based on Intel's 11th Generation Core processor, can be expanded with WIFI 6 module and 5G module, supporting two 4K encoding/decoding and one 8K decoding, which can help basic level hospital to transmit the three video streams of ultrasound images, operation videos and communication videos to the receiving end in high definition and real time smoothly.

In the mean time, the expert hospital end can receive video images from the grassroots hospital through BOX19 to achieve shared end-to-end viewing of ultrasound images, interact with the grassroots doctors with high-quality audio and video, and provide effective remote guidance, thus ensuring the diagnostic quality and efficiency of remote ultrasound consultation.



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